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Former Refugee Leads Global Organization to New Heights During Pandemic

After growing up in a war-torn city in a refugee camp then struggling and overcoming crippling self-esteem issues, Ferial Youakim built a career teaching women how to love themselves. Youakim is the founder and CEO of the global company ByFerial Image Consulting & Training, Director of the Australian International Pageants, and author of “Beyond Beauty, A Refugee’s Journey in Pursuit of Happiness.” The past two years brought a new challenge to Youakim as she led the Association of Image Consultants International through a pandemic and served as President while successfully transitioning their conference to a virtual event.  As a result, the international conference was the most successful and best-attended conference in the organization’s history.

When Ferial Youakim took the pledge to lead the AICI Global Organization two years ago, she didn’t know that she would take on a global pandemic. However, not even a pandemic could stand in her way. Her love for the industry, the organization, and its members motivated her to find a way to push forward despite the challenges that they faced. After all, in the 30-year history of AICI, Ferial Youakim is the only International President the members voted for, and she refused to let them down.

“Our number one priority was to serve our members and stand by their side. I am extremely proud of how cohesive the board was, being creative, thinking outside the box to find new ways of doing business. The results speak for themselves.” – Ferial Youakim

To support the AICI members, Ferial Youakim and her Board of Directors offered their members many complimentary benefits to help them when needed the most.

  • FREE WEBCASTS – Access to 12 Image Masters sharing their knowledge and 0.1. CEUs
  • MEMBERSHIP GRACE PERIOD  – Extending memberships to offer continued support for members and their businesses during the pandemic
  • FIRST EVER VIRTUAL CONFERENCE – Allowing everyone to participate online and join the AICI from around the globe for the first time. The conference welcomed over 650 attendees, the biggest AICI conference in the organization’s history.
  • CELEBRATING A NEW ERA – Celebrating the 30th AICI anniversary with new branding, creating a fresh look to complement today’s fast-changing world.
  • SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS (SIG) – Launched as a method for increasing the value of membership and depth of expertise available through AICI online content.

“It is satisfying to know that we are making a difference in someone’s life and helping them build strategic blueprints that enable them to connect with like-minded people. As we continue to grow, each new day offers a chance for us to network and meet amazing people. Together we can help each other build a future we are proud of.” – Ferial Youakim

Youakim has a way with people. Her empathy, compassion, and giving spirit shine bright. Her interpersonal skills are what built her career and enabled her to lead a global organization successfully. She connects with all people on a personal and professional level.

Understanding this strength, Ferial has launched her ByFerial Empower Global Network, a membership-based mentorship and networking group. This affordable membership offers members training sessions, networking, support, advertising opportunities, speaking opportunities, exclusive resources to help build their business, and more! To learn more, visit