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Social Media and Professional Photography & Video

Is hiring a professional photographer really worth it? Today, a strong social media presence is more important than ever. How important is professional photography to building your image and your brand? Like most other questions, the answer is: It depends… on how important building your business is to you. 


  1. Does most of your business come from your online presence?
  2. Are you trying to build your social media following?
  3. Are you posting images, but not getting a lot of engagement and clicks?
  4. Do you need to be in your product photos?
  5. Is your headshot unimpressive or simply unflattering? 


The sole purpose for businesses and organizations to be on social media and to have a website is to build relationships with potential customers: to get found, engage, be remembered and to motivate your visitor to take action. There are hundreds of millions and millions of social media sites and websites competing for our attention, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget a post that interested us just seconds earlier. 


An image is worth a thousand words…


What creates a lasting, memorable impression? Images. DIY graphic tools and smartphones have made it easier for brands to create their own images for their social media. But if all your competitors have access to the same tools and content marketing strategies what makes your brand, your posts, and your message stand out a get remembered?


Professional photography. Professional photographers use their camera to tell a story… and use their skills to tell your brand’s story. 


Boost Your Brand and Build Your Business

Whether you need a LinkedIn profile photo, images of your product for Instagram or videos for Reels, professional photography will give your brand a stronger, clearer voice so your message is seen and remembered and help you grow your business.

Professional pictures for your social media will speak more loudly and be more memorable than DIY photos. Having the best tools does not translate to having the skills that a professional photographer has developed over years of experience, or the “eye” that guides a pro in capturing the exact right photo. 

Professional photography isn’t just for social media influencers! No matter how big or small your brand is, creative professional photos and videos will make your images stand out. High quality photos bring out feelings and emotions in the viewer – and can motivate them to take action and click! 


Why You Need Professional Photography for Your Social Media

A professional photographer has both artistic and technical skills and understands lighting, angles, contrast, composition, framing and backgrounds that will elevate a photo to the next level. 


Profile and Bio Photos

You are your personal brand. Your profile photo on your social media bios and website About page should convey a specific message to your audience, and present you in the way you want to be seen. A professional photographer has experience with headshots, and the requirements of the various online platforms. They can bring out the image you want to portray in the best possible way.


A Professional Perspective

An experienced photographer sees you and your products with an objective eye for detail that you may no longer have. They can showcase your products in the best possible way and have the post-production skills and software to make any necessary edts and crops to edit and enhance the photos. 


Social Media Images
Don’t get lost in the crowd. Whether you’re promoting a house for sale, a special event, a new restaurant, your professional services or any other product, your image needs to stand out and get noticed in the feed. E-commerce is a crowded marketplace, and even top quality products and services can get overlooked without the right social media images. 


An Investment In Your Business

Professional photography is an investment in your business. Yes, investing in professional photography costs more than taking your own amateur, DIY photos. But the pay off in quality is photos that get noticed and get results.


4 Tips For Hiring a Professional Photographer for Your Social Media

  1. Ask if they take both still images and videos.
    Still photos are essential for your content, but videos are a rapidly growing part of social media marketing, and your ideal photographer will have experience and expertise in showcasing your products and services in both still images and high-quality videos.
  2. Does the photographer shoot live events?
    Some professional photographers prefer to photograph in a studio or fixed photo shoot location, while others also take action shots at special events such as conferences, performances, product launches and other occasions. Event photography is a special skill, and if your business hosts or attends live events, an event photographer can capture the magic and bring it to your social media feed.
  3. Have the budget talk early on.
    Be honest with the photographer about your budget. Tell them what you need, why you need it and how you’ll use the images. When the photographer understands your budget and goals, they can propose a solution that you can afford and that will get results.
  4. Do you need post-production editing and formatting?
    After the photo or video shoot, what else do you need done with the images? Do you need branding, or for them to be formatted in specific social media platform sizes, do you need snippets made from longer video – let the photographer know how you will use the photos and whether they can help you meet your social media goals.


A professional photographer who knows what they are doing and understands how social media images need to stand out in the feed is a long-term business investment. Creative, compelling and engaging images build trust and awareness for your brand and your business. And don’t forget, you can use your new images and videos indefinitely, and in many different ways. 

Professional social media photography is both creative and strategic – and gets results!

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