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Instagram Hashtag Strategy in 2023: What’s Changed – And What Hasn’t

Hashtags are a great way to increase engagement, attract more followers, and even convert followers into customers on Instagram. But how do you come up with a hashtag strategy? What are the best hashtags to use for your business or organization? How many hashtags should you use – 30? 10? None?

While some users are saying hashtags are no longer necessary on Instagram, according to Instagram, you should be using Instagram hashtags in 2023! Instagram features posts that are relevant and valuable to its users, so it is essential to use hashtags that are closely related to the content of your post and target demographic for optimal visibility and exposure to new audiences. 

Here are some frequently asked questions about using hashtags on Instagram in 2023

FAQs About Hashtags and Instagram:

  1. Are hashtags still essential on Instagram? Hashtags are a way to sort and organize content on Instagram and are also a convenient way for users to find information – and to find you! Your hashtag strategy should include:
  • Service or description hashtags that explain what you do, what services or products you offer and what your purpose is
  • Local hashtags that identify your location
  • Branded hashtags that are unique to your business, show your personality and help your brand relate to your target audience
  • Community hashtags that speak to your ideal client

Tip: Personality hashtags are a great way to have fun with Instagram, and let your audience see another side of your business! For one of our clients, a favorite is #baconbaconbacon.  


  1. The number of hashtags you should use? The number of hashtags you use for each Instagram post should vary depending on the subject. IG allows a maximum of 30 hashtags per post – but that does not mean every post should have 30 #s! Instagram advised creators to use between 3-5 hashtags on their posts in 2021. Generally, we see a sweetspot using 10 to 12 hashtags per post. But they should all be relevant to your post and your business. 

Tip: A study by Later done at the time Instagram was recommending 3-5 hashtags found that using more hashtags typically yields the best results – with 20 hashtags receiving the highest average reach rate.


  1. Where should you use hashtags?  You can use relevant hashtags in your Instagram captions or comments – and even your bio. If you use a hashtag in your bio, we suggest you only use 1, and make it an essential keyword or branded hashtag.

    Tip: Some people don’t like the aesthetics of hashtags in their posts, so they hide them in the 1st comment. This doesn’t “fool the algorithm” – but it won’t harm your online visibility either. 


  1. How do you use keywords in your Instagram strategy? Understanding Instagram SEO is essential to getting in front of your target audience, and keywords are just as important as hashtags. Utilizing appropriate keywords in posts can also help boost visibility for your content.


Including relevant keywords in your captions is a great way to improve your visibility and reach a larger audience.


Research relevant keywords that are related to your brand or niche, then start using these in captions and comments. You can also incorporate keywords into post or story descriptions as well as in the profile bio section. 

Tip: Don’t overstuff your bio and posts with keywords: keep it natural! 


  1. Do I need to add alt tags to Instagram posts?
    Including alt tags in posts can help boost visibility for your content. Alt tags help visually impaired users understand your posts, and are required under the ADA (American Disabilities Act). They should describe the content of the image and include appropriate keywords for SEO.

Adding alt tags is quite simple: when you are creating an Instagram post, tap on “Advanced Settings” in the lower left-hand corner, and you can add alt text before posting to ensure that your content is ADA-compliant and properly tagged for SEO.

Tip: It is best practice to include the most relevant keywords in your alt tag descriptions, as this can help with search engine optimization.

Learn More: What is ALT Text? – & Why You Need It


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