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The Power of Event Photos to Show Appreciation to Your Donors and Sponsors

Event photography captures the key moments of your event and helps you market it in the future. High-quality and engaging event photography documents important occasions and capture the fun and excitement of the event, the people who attended, the speeches and the award winners. Professional photographers use their cameras and their skills to tell your brand’s story. Event photos are a valuable tool for marketing your future event. They can help you promote the event to potential attendees, and can also be used to create promotional materials, such as social media posts and website banners. 

Event photos have more potential than memories and marketing; they are also an opportunity for heartfelt and memorable thank-you gestures to your event donors and sponsors.


How to Use Event Photos to Say Thank You to Your Donors and Sponsors

Event Photos can be a powerful way to say thank you to your donors and sponsors. They are a tangible reminder of the event and the impact that their support had. There are creative and thoughtful ways for every budget to create photo gifts from your event to show your appreciation to the sponsors and donors who made it possible. Here are 12 creative event photo donor recognition ideas to get you started. 


Small Budget Photo Gifts

  • Branded Photo Calendar
    Design a branded photo calendar featuring event highlights for each month. Incorporate donor and sponsor logos into the design and send it as a practical and artistic thank-you gesture.
  • Puzzle or Puzzle Cube
    Upload the photo to a website that creates custom puzzles, add a personal message to the puzzle and send it to your donors or sponsors as a thank-you gift. Combine the concept of a Rubik’s Cube with your event photos, creating an interactive and visually appealing gift.
  • Create A Photo Book
    A photo book is more modern than an album to thank donors and sponsors. You can use a service like Shutterfly or Blurb to create a custom photo book that highlights the event and the impact of the donor’s or sponsor’s support.
  • Print Photos On Mugs, Christmas Ornaments or Other Gifts
    This is a fun and practical way to preserve memories and thank donors and sponsors. You can print photos of the event or the donor or sponsor on magnets, t-shirts, a deck of cards or other items that they’ll use and enjoy.
  • Send a Framed Photo With Your Thank You Note
    Print a meaningful event photo, frame it and send it to your event donors and sponsors with a thank you note for their support.
  • Pro tip: Be sure donor recognition is part of your event budget and timeline. 


Medium Budget Photo Gifts 

  • Community Mural
    Enlist the help of a local artist to transform event photos into a stunning mural or painting. Feature this artwork prominently at your organization’s headquarters or event venue, recognizing the support of donors and sponsors.
  • Custom Photo Cake Toppers and Cookies
    Photos cookies and cakes are a fun, personal and delicious way to thank donors and sponsors for their support of your event. 
  • Ads In Local Magazines, Newspapers, Movie Theatre or TV Station
    Choose a high-quality photo of the event with the donors and sponsors prominently featured with a sincere and meaningful message in the difference they made to your event. 
  • Photo Phone Case
    Design a phone case adorned with event photos, ensuring that cherished memories are always at hand.
  • Photo Blanket or Pillow
    Turn a special photo into a cozy blanket or decorative pillow, offering comfort along with sentimental value.
  • Pro tip: When you’re recruiting event sponsors, find a sponsor for donor and sponsor appreciation gifts. 


High Budget Event Photo Gifts

  • Billboards
    Use your event photos on a billboard that publicly recognizes the donors and sponsors who made your event possible! Depending on the size and location, billboards can range anywhere from under $1000 to several thousand dollars.
  • Photo Wine Labels
    Recognize special donors and sponsors by printing event photos as custom wine labels, adding a personal touch to the bottle.
  • Pro tip: Ask your local billboard company to sponsor your event by donating a free donor recognition billboard. 


What Makes A Successful Event Photo Gift?

A successful event photo gift is more than just a tangible item; it’s a thoughtful embodiment of the shared experiences and emotions that define a meaningful event. It hinges on the artful fusion of compelling photos, the event’s essence and the individual preferences and sensibilities of the donors and sponsors who played a vital role in its success. By meticulously selecting and incorporating event photos into the gift, you create a bridge between the past and the present, allowing recipients to relive cherished memories while acknowledging their significant contribution. 

The true magic lies in the convergence of the event’s spirit, captured through photographs, and the unique tastes and inclinations of those being honored. This alignment ensures that the photo gift resonates deeply, leaving an indelible mark of appreciation that goes beyond words – a testament to the lasting impact of their support and a genuine way to foster a lasting bond between the event and its invaluable supporters.